Having dealt with anxiety for almost six years I am well aware of how one’s anxiety could prevent them from so many experiences they would rather go through. Whether it is general anxiety or diagnosed, one would rather avoid being in situations where they’re uncomfortable, uncertain or not in control and among this long list travel gets itself all the way to the top!


Travel could be overwhelming for those of us who suffer from anxiety for so many reasons especially the uncertainty and being far away from what is familiar and comfortable. However, it could be a very fulfilling experience when you manage to go through a trip that you would’ve missed because of being too anxious. Going on different trips helped me with my anxiety and this is how it can help you:


You get to push yourself a bit further.

Being an anxious person forces you sometimes to stick to what you know best. It denies you the fun of exploring and getting to find out more about the world than what you know – the side of the story you never get to hear. Going on all the trips you’ve been putting on hold actually shows you how far you’re capable of. No one can deny that the anxiousness you feel the night before the flight or those moments when you’re feeling the fear creeping in are not your best moments. But you can’t deny either that the moment you step out of the airport into a new city like you’ve gone through a time machine taking you to a different world is too satisfying to skip. Or even going on a trip and coming back realizing you’ve done it, the beauty of the moment is sometimes a cure to your anxiety as well. We’ve all got our limitations but we sometimes need to stretch them a bit further.




You get to realize something’s are not as bad as you believe them to be.

When you’re anxious you always expect the worst, anticipate it and wait for it to happen. While in fact things could go as planned, perhaps even better. And showing yourself that through executing a perfectly planned trip would only act as a proof that the worst is only an exception if it happens. You should never deal with yourself or your anxiety as an enemy that denies you from living a dream like traveling, you should embrace it in a way that allows you to train your thoughts to change and adapt to what is better for you.


It gives you the change that eliminates some causes of your anxiety.

Many of us get extremely anxious for different reasons and sources of stress that causes our stomachs to tumble and mind get too hazy. Having something to look forward to – like a trip with your best friends or family could allow you to eliminate stressing over other problems. And when you actually go on the trip, you are out of your element – especially the elemt that get to you!