Get your girls and hit any of those cities!


Sometimes life gets too tough and you just need to soften it up a bit. And we all know what this means: GIRL’S TRIP! Whether you’re too tired of school, college, you’ve been going through a rough time or one of the girls is getting hitched soon:  sometimes spending time with your closest girlfriends is a great chance to take a break and recharge with the girls.


When was the last time you all packed your most beautiful outfits and went on a getaway to take a break? In order to help you do that, we are giving you a list of destinations that would be perfect for your next girl’s trip!


  • Dubai!

We all know the city gets more beautiful every day but for a girl’s trip there are so much you could do with your best friends. SHOPPING, SHOPPING & SHOPPING! If there is anything that girls would never stop doing, it is shopping. Whether it is the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates or any other humongous shopping Center in Dubai it is perfect for an all shop till you drop kind of day. You could also enjoy luxurious spas and beaches even when it is freezing cold everywhere else! And you definitely shouldn’t miss Dubai’s epic nightlife.


  • Barcelona!

When in Barcelona there is always a chance to chill and we bet there is no better company for a chill trip than your girls. You could tour the city on bike, bus or even walk around. The streets are beautiful and the city is vibrant. In addition to great touristic spots that are surrounded by astonishing architecture that makes every stroll around the city extremely enjoyable. Whether you choose the beach or the city Barcelona would take your breath away even before you spend a night!


  • Beirut!

YES! Among the best destinations for any trip let alone a girl’s getaway! There is so much to do that is not only fun but also allows you and the girls to bond every single day of the trip! Along with seeing the main attractions and trying every restaurant you could possibly come across (I mean it), make sure you go on as many day trips as possible, there are so many spots around Beirut that are breathtaking.


  • Bali!

We know you think this is all about honeymoons, but think again! Because Bali is a breathtaking destination that is perfect for group trips. There are so many activities you could do together and it is also amazing when you decide to stay together rather in a Balinese villa! Picture perfect beaches and instagrammable spots everywhere you go!


This is how travel can teach you a bit more about yourself.


Disclaimer! This is NOT an overestimation. Exaggeration, by nature, is not something I am into especially when it comes to discovering one’s self and enlightenment. So believe me when I tell you that travel can make you know so much about yourself even if you don’t realize it.


There is always a side of us we tend not to be aware of. If we are tough there is a soft one hidden and if we are fearful there is a fierce face somewhere. The opposite of what we define ourselves to be is usually present somewhere but needs to be triggered and, in many cases, a flight ticket and a few bookings work magic as a trigger.


Some of us think they are super independent and for them traveling doesn’t emotionally affect them in any way. But then they travel and get homesick even before they have been gone for so long. They start realizing that maybe they have defined their independence a bit wrong. In this sense they have seen a side of their character they weren’t aware of.


Other people think they are too anxious, dependent, fearful or inexperienced to face another city – I was one of those – but then they give themselves a chance and they see a completely different character.


I remember the first time I went shopping and had lunch all alone in London or the first time I took the tube all by myself . And believe me when I tell you I couldn’t believe I did it it felt like a huge achievement even though I know the whole world would disagree.


I remember the first time I held a printed map and led the way through Rome with my friends and no one had an idea what I was doing but turned out to be right, and I was so proud of myself.


Those moments by definition are not achievements, for many people they are just daily events but for someone who is not comfortable outside of their homes, their cities or whatever is familiar this is big and it was for me!


Whether it was believing you were not soft enough for homesickness or thought you were not tough enough to be on your own in another city or any other realization, think about your past trips and make a list of moments you realized or learned something new about yourself. Something about your character, the way you deal with circumstances or maybe something you handled so well even if you were doubtful.


Make a list!

Because these moment are worth acknowledgment, they were little victories and revelations about yourself that you should speak of.  Open up your eyes d your next trips and take note of what you know next!

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3 types of people you would rather not join for a trip!

How many times have you gone on a trip with very close friends of yours and feel like you’ve NO idea who they are? And it’s like you’re getting to know them for the very first time on that trip!

Going on a trip is like getting married to someone but for a much shorter period of time, you must get ready to compromise, be understanding and accepting of differences. We all know that don’t we? But then why do we still find that some people in our lives we just cannot stand being stuck in a foreign country with? It’s simply because you must always reach a mutual compromise and if this doesn’t happen, I hope your hotel doesn’t catch fire! And because travel is about greatest comfort and enjoyment here are three types of people you would rather skip a trip with!


1.The bossy ones – Inflexible!

It is old news that people have different tastes related to what they would rather do on a trip. Some are wanderers who would just roam around a city to explore and see what it’s really like to be a part of it, others are strict tourists they would make a plan of intricate timings to hop from one monument to another and making sure they do not miss any of the most important “must visit” places and finally there are the shoppers who want to find each and every store they could go to.

None of these types of people are right or wrong, but imagine if all three of them joined one another on a trip! I think that would be okay only if they all share a common understanding that it is okay if you do not join one another for each and every activity! When does the drama happen?

This frustration could rise from something as similar as that one of you would rather get an address on their phone and get a cab to get there and the other one of you would rather hold a paper map and find out more about the transportation in the city.

When you have the bossy ones on board! Some people just have to plan everything their way and wouldn’t accept the fact that others might not want to be part of that plan. Make sure the people you go on trips with are a bit more flexible, because the last thing you want is drama on a trip you’ve planned so well!

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2.The slow ones…too slow to handle. 

Going on a trip doesn’t always have to mean you should be constantly on the run! However, dealing with the extremely unhurried friend of yours for a few days could get quite frustrating. If not for anything but for the pressure of it!

Everything is possible then! You could miss transportation; trains, buses and -hopefully not- flights! You are constantly in a hurry to catch breakfast in time or make it in time for that show you’ve bought tickets for week ago. Planning a trip with the “always late” friends could get very stressful in a way that makes you better off without them!


3.Your exact opposite

Whether it’s about budget planning, enjoying the nights over the days or general priorities; traveling with someone who has completely different interests than you could end up being a nightmare. It might feel like a solo trip but with the burden of having to act like you want to be with someone.

Some differences on trips are bearable because you can never find someone who is a carbon copy of you but the more you’re compatible in terms of interests during travel the easier your life would be!

You’ll start arguing about everything whether to stay up all night in a nightclub or wake up after sunrise to catch an all day activity. Reserve a fine dining in a top notch restaurant or grab the cheapest food on the street.

These differences does not make either of you wrong it just makes you too different to join forces on a trip.

Not all your best friends can be your travel buddies and not all your travel buddies must be your best friends. You can love someone and hate being with them in a foreign city.

Communicate with your travel companions before you plan a trip, ask them about what they would rather do. Get to know their traveling personality so that you could avoid unnecessary drama.