As humans, we are so good at making plans, resolutions, and dreams. Most of us are on a constant –sometimes eternal- voyage to find purpose, to excel and to set our priorities straight. But have you ever wondered why travel is always listed among those bucket, resolutions and dream lists? Have you ever wondered why are we all overwhelmed with an urge to travel?

Personally, I do not think it is just about the exploration. I believe we were inherently created to search and to find out what is beyond our surrounding. No one has ever developed capabilities, skills, and inspirations without movement whether physical or mental.


The effect of traveling is a bit more than just experiencing something new or different. I believe through traveling you develop into a better and more compassionate human being. Through traveling you get to see the world from different perspectives and understand that different people have their priorities in an order and in ways you have never imagined. When you go out of what you know, what you are comfortable with and what is extremely relevant you get to appreciate what you have and grow an understanding to what others do, think and live.


You learn so much about the world, but you also learn so much about yourself and the person you would like



Three most embarrassing situations on an airplane.

Commuting, in general, is the worst part of every trip, for me at least. But the worst of all is being stuck in the air for a period of time. Don’t get me wrong, being on an airplane excites me. The smell of it, the feeling of getting closer to the desired destination and the anticipation of traveling, in general, it is all extremely fulfilling. But being on an airplane could be a bit stressful especially if you go through any of these situations.


Stuck in a window seat and nature calls.  

Window seats are a favorite!! But then you need to use the bathroom and you have to ask one or two people to let you pass. But what if they are sleeping? This is among one of my biggest fear when I am not traveling with family or friends! Getting stuck in a window seat with an urging need to use the restroom could be one of the most embarrassing situations you could be in on a flight.

You’ll have one of two options either invade the passenger’s personal space and start poking them to wake up, act like you do not notice their scornful looks. Or you call upon the flight attendant and ask him/her to do that for you, like you are calling on your teacher to catch a classmate misbehaving in kindergarten. Remember, you will be coming back in! Be quick before they fall back asleep.


Sitting next to a crying baby and need to act all nice.

Seeing a toddler or an infant getting on board is like seeing a monster under your bed. The moment we see those cute creatures getting settled in theirs we know they have an evil plan, one they will perfectly execute. We will cry and never ever stop. Apart from feeling like you will never get out of this plane ever, it becomes more and more awkward when the mom keeps apologizing and you keep nodding, smiling and assuring her like this is the best thing that has happened today!


Emotional tantrum!

There is no better way to kill time on a flight than watch a good movie. But sometimes these movies are just too emotional for you to handle. And once you start crying everyone starts watching…awkward! The problem with watching movies on an airplane is that you kind of forget you are surrounded by people who are going to WATCH you cry and start peeking on your screen to check the cause of all this fuss!

1958480_10152210203846648_216239467_nThree reasons why you should never miss your senior trip.

Senior year, I do not think that there is anything as exciting in the first 20 years of one’s life. Getting to wear a different T-shirt, moving all the way to the top of the priority list and getting to be excited for one of the best trips you could ever go on. SENIOR TRIP. When you’re in high school being excited about your senior trip does not make any room for thinking about how important it is but you always come back a little different and this is why:

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1- Independence:

Whether it is the first time for you to travel abroad with your school or not, senior year is always different. You all have this eagerness to explore a new city with one another. Your parents are setting you free and sometimes your teachers are bit more understanding of this excitement. On your senior trip, you would start to see how independence really feels, you get to go around and make decisions. You make plans and stick to it, you stay past curfew and manage not to get caught (We all know you do). But the best thing about that is that you go back with this boost of confidence that traveling with your friends is not too hard after all, you no longer see supervision as a punishment and you get to feel independent without -for a minute-  feeling unsafe.

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2- Bonding like never before:

Anyone who has been to their senior trip knows that it is more than just a trip where you have fun and explore. You bond with people from your class you’ve never bonded with before, sometimes you get to know some of them and realize that you’ve been in the same school for years but you don’t know anything about one another. Senior trips build very strong relationships between classmates like nothing else. You feel like you go back as different people, your relationship with one another has completely changed. And you may think this is not really important but you will get to appreciate it when you are overwhelmed with sadness that you’re graduating, you will get to appreciate every second of it. I promise.

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3- You will never forget this:

High school is an emotional roller coaster and senior year is the highest point. So believe me when I tell you do not miss your senior trip. And I do not mean it as a cliche piece of advice but a few years from now when you realize that you would probably never be in the same place with all these people again, you would understand. The minute you walk out of school you probably might not all be in the same place again. Live the whole experience, live it to the end and enjoy one of its highlights: Senior trip!


From someone who had an amazing high school experience I tell you that four years later when you graduate college and start taking steps towards the path you choose for yourself, you will look back and realize how much you’ve enjoyed this.

Senior year is big and you should never bail on any part of it!

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