Three most embarrassing situations on an airplane.

Commuting, in general, is the worst part of every trip, for me at least. But the worst of all is being stuck in the air for a period of time. Don’t get me wrong, being on an airplane excites me. The smell of it, the feeling of getting closer to the desired destination and the anticipation of traveling, in general, it is all extremely fulfilling. But being on an airplane could be a bit stressful especially if you go through any of these situations.


Stuck in a window seat and nature calls.  

Window seats are a favorite!! But then you need to use the bathroom and you have to ask one or two people to let you pass. But what if they are sleeping? This is among one of my biggest fear when I am not traveling with family or friends! Getting stuck in a window seat with an urging need to use the restroom could be one of the most embarrassing situations you could be in on a flight.

You’ll have one of two options either invade the passenger’s personal space and start poking them to wake up, act like you do not notice their scornful looks. Or you call upon the flight attendant and ask him/her to do that for you, like you are calling on your teacher to catch a classmate misbehaving in kindergarten. Remember, you will be coming back in! Be quick before they fall back asleep.


Sitting next to a crying baby and need to act all nice.

Seeing a toddler or an infant getting on board is like seeing a monster under your bed. The moment we see those cute creatures getting settled in theirs we know they have an evil plan, one they will perfectly execute. We will cry and never ever stop. Apart from feeling like you will never get out of this plane ever, it becomes more and more awkward when the mom keeps apologizing and you keep nodding, smiling and assuring her like this is the best thing that has happened today!


Emotional tantrum!

There is no better way to kill time on a flight than watch a good movie. But sometimes these movies are just too emotional for you to handle. And once you start crying everyone starts watching…awkward! The problem with watching movies on an airplane is that you kind of forget you are surrounded by people who are going to WATCH you cry and start peeking on your screen to check the cause of all this fuss!

1958480_10152210203846648_216239467_nThree reasons why you should never miss your senior trip.

Senior year, I do not think that there is anything as exciting in the first 20 years of one’s life. Getting to wear a different T-shirt, moving all the way to the top of the priority list and getting to be excited for one of the best trips you could ever go on. SENIOR TRIP. When you’re in high school being excited about your senior trip does not make any room for thinking about how important it is but you always come back a little different and this is why:

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1- Independence:

Whether it is the first time for you to travel abroad with your school or not, senior year is always different. You all have this eagerness to explore a new city with one another. Your parents are setting you free and sometimes your teachers are bit more understanding of this excitement. On your senior trip, you would start to see how independence really feels, you get to go around and make decisions. You make plans and stick to it, you stay past curfew and manage not to get caught (We all know you do). But the best thing about that is that you go back with this boost of confidence that traveling with your friends is not too hard after all, you no longer see supervision as a punishment and you get to feel independent without -for a minute-  feeling unsafe.

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2- Bonding like never before:

Anyone who has been to their senior trip knows that it is more than just a trip where you have fun and explore. You bond with people from your class you’ve never bonded with before, sometimes you get to know some of them and realize that you’ve been in the same school for years but you don’t know anything about one another. Senior trips build very strong relationships between classmates like nothing else. You feel like you go back as different people, your relationship with one another has completely changed. And you may think this is not really important but you will get to appreciate it when you are overwhelmed with sadness that you’re graduating, you will get to appreciate every second of it. I promise.

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3- You will never forget this:

High school is an emotional roller coaster and senior year is the highest point. So believe me when I tell you do not miss your senior trip. And I do not mean it as a cliche piece of advice but a few years from now when you realize that you would probably never be in the same place with all these people again, you would understand. The minute you walk out of school you probably might not all be in the same place again. Live the whole experience, live it to the end and enjoy one of its highlights: Senior trip!


From someone who had an amazing high school experience I tell you that four years later when you graduate college and start taking steps towards the path you choose for yourself, you will look back and realize how much you’ve enjoyed this.

Senior year is big and you should never bail on any part of it!

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Get your girls and hit any of those cities!


Sometimes life gets too tough and you just need to soften it up a bit. And we all know what this means: GIRL’S TRIP! Whether you’re too tired of school, college, you’ve been going through a rough time or one of the girls is getting hitched soon:  sometimes spending time with your closest girlfriends is a great chance to take a break and recharge with the girls.


When was the last time you all packed your most beautiful outfits and went on a getaway to take a break? In order to help you do that, we are giving you a list of destinations that would be perfect for your next girl’s trip!


  • Dubai!

We all know the city gets more beautiful every day but for a girl’s trip there are so much you could do with your best friends. SHOPPING, SHOPPING & SHOPPING! If there is anything that girls would never stop doing, it is shopping. Whether it is the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates or any other humongous shopping Center in Dubai it is perfect for an all shop till you drop kind of day. You could also enjoy luxurious spas and beaches even when it is freezing cold everywhere else! And you definitely shouldn’t miss Dubai’s epic nightlife.


  • Barcelona!

When in Barcelona there is always a chance to chill and we bet there is no better company for a chill trip than your girls. You could tour the city on bike, bus or even walk around. The streets are beautiful and the city is vibrant. In addition to great touristic spots that are surrounded by astonishing architecture that makes every stroll around the city extremely enjoyable. Whether you choose the beach or the city Barcelona would take your breath away even before you spend a night!


  • Beirut!

YES! Among the best destinations for any trip let alone a girl’s getaway! There is so much to do that is not only fun but also allows you and the girls to bond every single day of the trip! Along with seeing the main attractions and trying every restaurant you could possibly come across (I mean it), make sure you go on as many day trips as possible, there are so many spots around Beirut that are breathtaking.


  • Bali!

We know you think this is all about honeymoons, but think again! Because Bali is a breathtaking destination that is perfect for group trips. There are so many activities you could do together and it is also amazing when you decide to stay together rather in a Balinese villa! Picture perfect beaches and instagrammable spots everywhere you go!


This is how travel can teach you a bit more about yourself.


Disclaimer! This is NOT an overestimation. Exaggeration, by nature, is not something I am into especially when it comes to discovering one’s self and enlightenment. So believe me when I tell you that travel can make you know so much about yourself even if you don’t realize it.


There is always a side of us we tend not to be aware of. If we are tough there is a soft one hidden and if we are fearful there is a fierce face somewhere. The opposite of what we define ourselves to be is usually present somewhere but needs to be triggered and, in many cases, a flight ticket and a few bookings work magic as a trigger.


Some of us think they are super independent and for them traveling doesn’t emotionally affect them in any way. But then they travel and get homesick even before they have been gone for so long. They start realizing that maybe they have defined their independence a bit wrong. In this sense they have seen a side of their character they weren’t aware of.


Other people think they are too anxious, dependent, fearful or inexperienced to face another city – I was one of those – but then they give themselves a chance and they see a completely different character.


I remember the first time I went shopping and had lunch all alone in London or the first time I took the tube all by myself . And believe me when I tell you I couldn’t believe I did it it felt like a huge achievement even though I know the whole world would disagree.


I remember the first time I held a printed map and led the way through Rome with my friends and no one had an idea what I was doing but turned out to be right, and I was so proud of myself.


Those moments by definition are not achievements, for many people they are just daily events but for someone who is not comfortable outside of their homes, their cities or whatever is familiar this is big and it was for me!


Whether it was believing you were not soft enough for homesickness or thought you were not tough enough to be on your own in another city or any other realization, think about your past trips and make a list of moments you realized or learned something new about yourself. Something about your character, the way you deal with circumstances or maybe something you handled so well even if you were doubtful.


Make a list!

Because these moment are worth acknowledgment, they were little victories and revelations about yourself that you should speak of.  Open up your eyes d your next trips and take note of what you know next!

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3 types of people you would rather not join for a trip!

How many times have you gone on a trip with very close friends of yours and feel like you’ve NO idea who they are? And it’s like you’re getting to know them for the very first time on that trip!

Going on a trip is like getting married to someone but for a much shorter period of time, you must get ready to compromise, be understanding and accepting of differences. We all know that don’t we? But then why do we still find that some people in our lives we just cannot stand being stuck in a foreign country with? It’s simply because you must always reach a mutual compromise and if this doesn’t happen, I hope your hotel doesn’t catch fire! And because travel is about greatest comfort and enjoyment here are three types of people you would rather skip a trip with!


1.The bossy ones – Inflexible!

It is old news that people have different tastes related to what they would rather do on a trip. Some are wanderers who would just roam around a city to explore and see what it’s really like to be a part of it, others are strict tourists they would make a plan of intricate timings to hop from one monument to another and making sure they do not miss any of the most important “must visit” places and finally there are the shoppers who want to find each and every store they could go to.

None of these types of people are right or wrong, but imagine if all three of them joined one another on a trip! I think that would be okay only if they all share a common understanding that it is okay if you do not join one another for each and every activity! When does the drama happen?

This frustration could rise from something as similar as that one of you would rather get an address on their phone and get a cab to get there and the other one of you would rather hold a paper map and find out more about the transportation in the city.

When you have the bossy ones on board! Some people just have to plan everything their way and wouldn’t accept the fact that others might not want to be part of that plan. Make sure the people you go on trips with are a bit more flexible, because the last thing you want is drama on a trip you’ve planned so well!

shutterstock_1132070486 (1)

2.The slow ones…too slow to handle. 

Going on a trip doesn’t always have to mean you should be constantly on the run! However, dealing with the extremely unhurried friend of yours for a few days could get quite frustrating. If not for anything but for the pressure of it!

Everything is possible then! You could miss transportation; trains, buses and -hopefully not- flights! You are constantly in a hurry to catch breakfast in time or make it in time for that show you’ve bought tickets for week ago. Planning a trip with the “always late” friends could get very stressful in a way that makes you better off without them!


3.Your exact opposite

Whether it’s about budget planning, enjoying the nights over the days or general priorities; traveling with someone who has completely different interests than you could end up being a nightmare. It might feel like a solo trip but with the burden of having to act like you want to be with someone.

Some differences on trips are bearable because you can never find someone who is a carbon copy of you but the more you’re compatible in terms of interests during travel the easier your life would be!

You’ll start arguing about everything whether to stay up all night in a nightclub or wake up after sunrise to catch an all day activity. Reserve a fine dining in a top notch restaurant or grab the cheapest food on the street.

These differences does not make either of you wrong it just makes you too different to join forces on a trip.

Not all your best friends can be your travel buddies and not all your travel buddies must be your best friends. You can love someone and hate being with them in a foreign city.

Communicate with your travel companions before you plan a trip, ask them about what they would rather do. Get to know their traveling personality so that you could avoid unnecessary drama.




Having dealt with anxiety for almost six years I am well aware of how one’s anxiety could prevent them from so many experiences they would rather go through. Whether it is general anxiety or diagnosed, one would rather avoid being in situations where they’re uncomfortable, uncertain or not in control and among this long list travel gets itself all the way to the top!


Travel could be overwhelming for those of us who suffer from anxiety for so many reasons especially the uncertainty and being far away from what is familiar and comfortable. However, it could be a very fulfilling experience when you manage to go through a trip that you would’ve missed because of being too anxious. Going on different trips helped me with my anxiety and this is how it can help you:


You get to push yourself a bit further.

Being an anxious person forces you sometimes to stick to what you know best. It denies you the fun of exploring and getting to find out more about the world than what you know – the side of the story you never get to hear. Going on all the trips you’ve been putting on hold actually shows you how far you’re capable of. No one can deny that the anxiousness you feel the night before the flight or those moments when you’re feeling the fear creeping in are not your best moments. But you can’t deny either that the moment you step out of the airport into a new city like you’ve gone through a time machine taking you to a different world is too satisfying to skip. Or even going on a trip and coming back realizing you’ve done it, the beauty of the moment is sometimes a cure to your anxiety as well. We’ve all got our limitations but we sometimes need to stretch them a bit further.




You get to realize something’s are not as bad as you believe them to be.

When you’re anxious you always expect the worst, anticipate it and wait for it to happen. While in fact things could go as planned, perhaps even better. And showing yourself that through executing a perfectly planned trip would only act as a proof that the worst is only an exception if it happens. You should never deal with yourself or your anxiety as an enemy that denies you from living a dream like traveling, you should embrace it in a way that allows you to train your thoughts to change and adapt to what is better for you.


It gives you the change that eliminates some causes of your anxiety.

Many of us get extremely anxious for different reasons and sources of stress that causes our stomachs to tumble and mind get too hazy. Having something to look forward to – like a trip with your best friends or family could allow you to eliminate stressing over other problems. And when you actually go on the trip, you are out of your element – especially the elemt that get to you!


It’s the “Home Alone” time of the year!

Here are 5 Location used in filming Home Alone 2 that you can actually visit ..

If you’re not one of the many people who watch ”Home Alone” movies during Christmas  picture1time, then we can tell thatChristmas wasn’t a big deal during your childhood! Here’s a piece of advice… don’t waste any more time and start enjoying this joyful season. Here’s the quickest step that you can take to start enjoying christmas, make a hot cup of cocoa, start watching Home Alone 2, get a piece of paper and right down the destinations that you liked the most in the movie. Also, as an early christmas gift, here are 5 of our favorite destinations in our all time favorite movie!



1. Radio City Music Hall:
 We all remember how stunned was Kevin when he touched down in the lovely New York City. Walking around, getting lost, and taking lots of pictures (this is the part where we wish we were Kevin). Passing by a lot of landmarks, Radio City Music Hall was one of them.
Radio City Music Hall is an entertainment venue located in New York City’s Rockefeller Center. Its nickname is the Showplace of the Nation, and it was for a time the leading tourist destination in the city. Its interior was declared a city landmark in 1978.


2. Gapstow Bridge, Central Park:
A living proof that you strangers can make the bestfriends that you could ever have! Here’s to the beautiful friendship between Kevin and the lovely Pigeon Lady that sparked at the Gapstow Bridge.
Gapstow Bridge is yet another example of traditional architecture in Central Park. The stone span curves gracefully over the narrow neck of the Pond. Facing south, it offers the quintessential view of the city, with the Plaza Hotel and other towers rising behind the backdrop of trees reflected, amidst the ducks, in the waters of the Pond.


3. The Plaza Hotel:
How could someone ever get lost and have the time of his life? Not that we’re not happy for Kevin, but oh how we wished we could’ve stayed in The Plaza Hotel and enjoy room service.
It was once said, “Nothing unimportant ever happens at The Plaza.” One of America’s most celebrated hotels, The Plaza opened its doors on October 1, 1907, amid a flurry of impressive reports describing it as the greatest hotel in the world. Located at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, this luxury hotel was constructed in the most fashionable residential section of New York City.


4. Wollman Skating Rink:
Even the “wet bandits” can enjoy a little skate during Christmas!
Skating on Wollman Rink is a winter tradition for New Yorkers and tourists alike, so many people have tied up their skates for the very first time on this ice. Ice skating is a long-standing and beloved tradition in Central Park. Wollman Rink opened in 1950, a 33,000-square-foot venue built with a gift from Kate Wollman. With its romantic backdrop, Wollman Rink puts visitors beneath the magical New York City skyline by day, and its twinkling lights by night.


5. Rockefeller Center:
And last but definitely not least, the Christmas tree of Rockefeller Center.
Since 1931, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been lighting up the holidays each year for New York City residents and visitors. One of the most well known decorated Christmas trees in the United States, this tree has become an iconic symbol of the holiday season in New York City. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is also a major tourist attraction; thousands come to New York each year to see the tree lighting ceremony, or just to view the tree during the several weeks when it is on display.


It may not be the southernmost point of Africa – that honour goes to Cape Agulhas – but Cape Point certainly makes you feel as if you are standing at the edge of the world.

It’s worth setting aside a whole day – or at least a large chunk of it – to visit the Cape Point Nature Reserve. While they tend to hog all the glory, the two peaks at the tip of the peninsula, Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, form just a small part of the 7750-hectare reserve. This largely untouched stretch of land is home to buck, baboons, Cape Mountain Zebra, and a whopping 250 species of bird! Plus, you’ll find some of the most beautiful, unspoilt beaches along this stretch of Cape Town’s coast.

Of course, if you are visiting the Cape Point Nature Reserve, you have to take in the view from at least one of the peaks. Cape Point has been feared and respected by sailors since Bartolomeu Dias first rounded the Cape – which he dubbed the Cape of Storms – in 1488. The 26 recorded shipwrecks around Cape Point are testament to the perils that await those who attempt to navigate the treacherous waters, particularly at night.

One such ship was the Flying Dutchman, which was captained by Hendrik van der Decken. Legend has it that Van der Decken – headed home to Holland from Batavia – insisted on rounding the point in stormy conditions despite the pleas of his crew. He went so far as to lash himself to the wheel and – according to a more far-fetched version – accidentally shoot an angel who appeared on deck, thus cursing the crew to an eternity lost at sea. Over the centuries, many have sworn that they have seen the ghostly ship out at sea.

These days, you can catch the Flying Dutchman Funicular – the only funicular of its kind in Africa – from the lower station near the car park up to the old lighthouse on the highest section of the Cape Point peak. The three-minute journey saves you a quad-killing climb! The old lighthouse, which was built in 1859, is currently used as a centralised monitoring point for all the lighthouses on the coast of South Africa. The height at which the old lighthouse was built – 249 metres above sea level – actually turned out to be a disadvantage because the lighthouse became ineffective in very misty conditions. Because of this, a second lighthouse – the most powerful in South Africa – was built 87 meters above sea level in 1914.

From the top of Cape Point, you can see both peninsula coastlines – Atlantic and False Bay – and a seemingly un-ending expanse of ocean. However, if you are hoping to see a line where the Benguela and Agulhas currents collide, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This meeting point actually fluctuates somewhere between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas, and there is no distinctive line.  For a selfie next to the sign that reads ‘Most South-Western Point of the African Continent’, you’ll have to take the 45-minute hike along the cliff to the Cape of Good Hope.

The reserve offers up a number of hikes through the fynbos and along the coastline. On the Atlantic side, you’ll find a lot of flat beach walking, and on the False Bay side, routes along the cliff-tops, where you are more likely to encounter bigger game. For information about the different trails, pop in to the Buffelsfontein Visitors’ Centre and pick up a brochure.

There are a number of pristine beaches worth visiting, but be cautious about swimming in the ocean as the area is known for its strong and unpredictable currents. Dias Beach, which you can see stretching out below you from the cliffs of Cape Point, requires a little effort (20 minutes down and another 40 back up), but is well worth it. If you have the necessary permits, the secluded Maclear Beach, is great for fishing and diving, and Buffels Beach boasts tidal pools and braai spots.

If you find yourself without a packed lunch, the Two Oceans Restaurant, which has spectacular views from its wooden deck, offers up delectable seafood and sushi. There are also curio shops for those looking to take home more than memories.

On a practical note, it is worth mentioning that you’ll have to pay a conservation fee to get into the reserve. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes, and take along a warm top – even if it is a hot day – because the wind (and there is almost always wind) at the top of Cape Point can be icy!

Air travel is often fraught with excitement, frustration and dramas. The people -flight attendants and passengers alike- whom you meet onboard often determine whether the flight is to be enjoyed or endured. Here is a list of the 11 types of passengers whom you will meet in the friendly skies. Which type of passenger are you?

Business Class


Donning a sharp suit, he wears a look of seriousness and displays a no-nonsense attitude from the moment he boards the aircraft. It is written all over his face that he is not one to be trifled with.

Just a trivial issue like having a filled overhead compartment above his seat – that forbids him to stow his carry-on bag near him – is enough to reveal the slightest hint of annoyance on his face. The only times he peels away from his laptop are during a meal service or when he has to answer nature’s call.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is a much-preferred group of business travellers who reject their meals and drinks in the pursuit of repaying their sleep debts. Just do not sit them next to a crying child.


I have full of admiration and empathy for parents who travel with their young children in tow, especially those who travel without their spouse.

During the entire course of the flight, the call attendant button exists as their lifeline. Many flight attendants go beyond and above their call of duty to render miscellaneous assistance to fatigue-stricken parents – be it minding their child for a moment, retrieving an item from a bag -since their hands are always full- or filling their milk bottles. Most of them do not mean to be bothersome, but they often come across as such with their endless requests.

However, what irks me most are lackadaisical parents who leave their young children starved of attention, while they keep their eyes fixated on the entertainment screen. They do little or nothing to pacify their crying child and appear more interested to finish a movie. Besides ruining the peaceful cabin ambience, they ruin the moods of neighbouring passengers too. I am not sure about you, but I would be more understanding if visible efforts have been made to turn off the waterworks of their child.


A fact that often goes unhighlighted by parents to their children: The aircraft cabin is not your playground. Unbeknownst to many parents, the aircraft is a dangerous place for kids who are left unsupervised. Moving meal carts, spilling overhead compartments and unforeseen turbulences are potential accidents waiting to happen when parents allow their children to run freely along the aisles.

It is understandable that the novelty of flying is real for young children, who are often unable to sit still or keep their volumes down because they simply cannot contain their excitement. They wear their parents’ patience thin, and at times, mine too. Can you imagine having to tolerate their screams and fidgeting on a long haul flight? Please pass me some ear plugs or try to keep your child occupied with movies, games or books.



Their faces turn as white as sheet during three important phases of the flight: Takeoff, turbulence and landing. I previously encountered a middle-aged lady, who clung on to her spouse for her dear life during an extremely turbulent phase of the flight that shook the aircraft violently for several minutes. To be honest, I was more worried that she would pass out due to anxiety, rather than the aircraft breaking apart.

For the claustrophobics, flying in an enclosed space without any exit points is a nightmare come true. Every passing minute spent in the skies is excruciating for them. They are vulnerable to panic attacks and feel uncomfortable about leaving their seats during the flight. If you ever find yourself seated beside a passenger who displays symptoms of claustrophobia, provide some relief with verbal assurances because they need it the most. I guess the fear of flying is a personal issue that is difficult to allay with age, experiences or wisdom.


They may have chalked up a huge mileage from their travels, but they are none the wiser. More often than not, they are unwilling to comply with safety regulations that inconvenience them. When instructed to raise the window shade or stow their foot rest for takeoff or landing, expect to hear a grunt from them. Likewise, expect a louder grunt when they are told to return their seats upright during a meal service. Their disgruntlement appears to be the only thing that matters to them during the flight, not their manners nor safety.

Their life is over when they do not receive their choice of meal onboard. I am gravely exaggerating, but how many times have we witnessed a passenger kicking up a big fuss over the lack of their meal choice? Fact: There is no Michelin-starred chef onboard. You are just missing out on a heavily processed meal that your body will thank you for – should you choose to skip it completely.


Have you ever sat beside a passenger who kept throwing intrusive glances your way on a public mode of transport? Or unwittingly ended up as Aunt agony while listening to the life story of a neighbouring stranger?

Don’t get me wrong though, it is wonderful to trade travel insights and interesting anecdotes. However, everyone is entitled to their own privacy in a public setting. Don’t we all dread being labelled as a broken record? Imagine having to put up with one on a long haul flight.

My tip for dealing with potential creeps or space invaders? Offer monosyllabic replies to indicate your lack of interest.

Plane food


Bearing in mind that aircraft food is notoriously unhealthy, I cannot fathom the logic behind passengers who match their appetites with the growing mileage clocked. After a full meal service and a few cocktail orders, do you really need another serving of cup noodles? Studies have shown that the effectiveness of our taste buds is altered while flying, but I highly doubt it causes our appetites to double.

A point this category of passengers is missing here: The aircraft galley is not your international buffet restaurant or charitable supermarket in the skies. Onboard service is free-flowing, but the in-flight catered food is not. Also, do they really expect others to be able to fall asleep with the tangy scent of Tom yum (read: cup noodles) wafting in the confined cabin? As if putting up with the stale, recycled cabin air isn’t bad enough…



You can spot them from a distance sporting a rugged look or some hipster dreadlocks. They usually travel alone or in a pair, but hardly ever in a group. These nomads travel light and are often in good spirits. Clad in a simple getup, most of them are easygoing and are eager to share their travel stories. Their intriguing stories will keep you entertained on a budget flight without an in-flight entertainment system at your seat. Generally a category of no-frills passengers, they are unlikely to step on anyone’s toes during the flight.


From time to time, I will encounter elderly couples who paint a heartwarming picture of love through their little gestures. They appear grateful to be able to travel with their soulmate in their golden years, in spite of their fragilities and limitations.

For them, love manifests itself in the skies through the smallest of actions like a soothing massage or making an accompanied trip to the washroom together. Rarely one without the other, they can be seen going on slow walks along the aisles during the lull period. They make me go green with envy, in a good way of course.

Window Seat


Nobody needs to know the lyrics of your favourite heavy metal tune… So spare a thought for others and turn down the volume a notch. Also, it will be wise to remove your headset while you chat with your buddy, instead of unceremoniously letting us in on your opinions of that hot flight attendant who just served you a drink.

For those who recently become of a legal drinking age, it is natural to experiment with alcohol – especially when it comes without a price tag. Expect them to host their own booze party onboard, courtesy of the bar carts that house a decent selection of liquors and wines. If it is any consolation, they should be sound asleep after the meal service, no thanks to their enthusiastic servings of in-flight tipples.


He is mindful of his behaviour and is respectful towards the needs of his fellow passengers. He is seen lending a helping hand to female or elderly passengers who struggle to stow their heavy baggage during boarding. His intentions are thoughtful, and he is a pleasant passenger to have onboard.

He will not steal your legroom or nudge your elbow off the armrest. Neither will he cut your queue during boarding nor block the aisle while rummaging through his carry-on bag to retrieve his earphones. He will not be caught dead discreetly removing his stinky socks. If you have been guilty of any of these aforementioned ungentlemanly acts, a change is always welcomed.

Europe is well known for its rich mix of culture, charm, and history. For the travel lovers, Europe has a long list of destinations that offer fascinating experiences.   Join us on a journey through some of the most exciting European destinations every tourist should visit


Every French adventure begins in the City of Light. With its chic boulevards, fabulous museums and historic cafés, Paris is one of the most loved tourists’ destinations. But France has so much more to offer, from the majestic French Alps to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean,the world love affair with France continues.


Italy is one of Europe’s hot spots. And it is not difficult to see why. From the majestic monuments of Rome, to Florence’s artistic Renaissance glories, to the charming alleyways of Venice – These are all well known. Less famous is the sublime beaches of Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast, and the culinary pleasures of Italy’s foodie capital Bologna, or the hip atmosphere of Milan. In Italy you will find a wealth of exciting activates. You can ski the Alps, go for a hike between the beautiful scenic islands of Cinque Terre, or dive off Southern Italy’s golden coast. Adrenaline junkies can catch fireworks on Sicily’s volatile volcanoes. But as much as the sights, or the sports, a trip to Italy is about getting immersed in the laid back art of living, Italians are so famous for. It’s about sipping a Cappuccino Italiano at a sidestreet café, or sampling some of Italy’s finest pasta dishes over a long lunch; it’s about looking good and putting your problems on hold.


Spain evokes images of flamenco dancers, tapas and late night dinners, and the Alhambra in the moonlight. What wonderful memories you’ll create in this historic piece of Europe, rich in art, history, delights and beautiful Mediterranean beaches! Of course, you’ll want to visit cities in different regions to give you a broad sampling of what Spain has to offer. But if you are under time constrains, a visit to Barcelona, Spain’s most cosmopolitan city with its surrealist architecture and entertainment galore will definitely charm you into a return visit.

The Netherlands

Many tourists come to the Netherlands to visit Amsterdam, the birth place of Van Gogh and one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. What makes Amsterdam so attractive is its historical atmosphere combined with the mentality of a modern metropolis creating a friendly and relaxed environment; yet one full of fun lively night life. The small scale of the buildings and the intimacy of the streets, canals and squares along with an active culture of cycling, create an atmosphere that tourists find unique.



The United Kingdom

Once known as “the empire on which the sun never sets”, the UK has managed to place itself at the forefront of global travel, through some excellent historical, sporting and cultural institutions. London, the great capital where history collides with art, fashion, and food is a very exciting place to visit. A perfect day is different for everyone: Art and nature lovers shouldn’t miss the great parks, grand cathedrals, royal places, and the great variety of world class museums with free-entry. Fashionisas, will find a shopping haven in Oxford Street. For foodies, Tea-time at Harrod’s or crispy fish & chips lunch offer classic London flavor. Music and book lovers will love seeing Abbey Road and the Sherlock Holmes Museum. For all this and more, cosmopolitan London is clearly a good idea to pack up and go!

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