April is ending, Easter break is almost over already and Ramadan is coming in so I think this is the perfect time to start making bigger plans for Summer! Whether you are into finding and discovering new exotic beaches or going on an adventure in the city it is about time you start planning your summer trip!


Even though we were blessed with one of the most beautiful coasts in the world there are so many beaches that should definitely be on your bucket list this summer. There are so many picturesque beaches in the world some are known others aren’t but below are some of our picks!

Greece; The ultimate combination of a lively vibe and extremely satisfying scenery in one destination. Whether it is Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos, Crete or Corfu your experience on the beach is definitely worth the go! You could find yourself some vibrant beach parties with amazing energy and so many people around or isolated beaches between coves and under cliff tops that offer you the seclusion you might need for a relaxing experience.

Phi Phi Island; even though it is a well-known destination and many people already have it on their buckets lists but there are various beaches that no one know about such as Phak Nam Bay, Viking beach and Nui beach and more.

USA; it is not always the first destination that comes to mind when someone thinks of the beach but America definitely has a very unique beach experience that is different than anywhere else. Lummus park beach, Surfside or Sunny Isles in Miami or Clearwater Beach in Florida the experience in the states is completely different because of how all those beaches are located in the heart of lively big American cities!

There are more options in Europe and the Far East, so you should definitely start your search and making those travel plans.


I personally don’t think there is anything more exciting! Make plans to finally go visit these amusement parks you’ve had on your wish list for years.

DISNEYLAND Paris or Walt Disney’s World’s Magic kingdom in Florida: It is about time you finally live that Disney fantasy you’ve longed waited for whether in the French capital or in one of the largest amusement parks in the world in Florida. Universal Studios in Singapore known as “one of its kind theme parks in Asia” with 24 attractions in 7 theme areas! Or Gardaland in Italy among the “top 10 amusement parks in the World.” Walibi, Belgium Featuring 16 attractions for kids and it also made it to one of the “best roller coaster parks in the world”

Whether your Summer plans are to relax by the beach, go for an adrenaline rush in an amusement park or get lost in a new city you should start those plans right now!

In time when prices are inflating and gadgets are getting more and more sophisticated and expensive, one starts to think very well of how they spend their money. The budget that could take you on a very enjoyable trip with your friends or family is now the same as the one needed to buy a new phone and this is where the decision becomes a bit hard, a new phone or a lifetime trip?

It is a matter of priorities of course but there are a few ways how someone could look at it in order to set their priorities straight. Offerings in general are divided into products and services and these are the kinds of things we usually spend our money in purchasing, but then there is something different: experiences. 

The tricky thing about experiences is that they are intangible while products are, when you buy a new phone you use it and keep using it for years you hold it in your hands. But when you book a trip you feel like you spent so much money and after a few days it is over but deducted from your bank account. But here’s the truth, when you spend your money on experiences, what you get out of it is beyond tangibility. It is an effect that stays for longer than any other object.

It gives you memories, moments and emotions that you will constantly recall no matter how much times passes you will always be able to move back to that very moment when you saw a city for the first time, attended a concert abroad in which you sung your heart out or the time you saw a picture perfect scene you heart rate sky rocketed!

Today when you look back, you remember the days you witnessed an event for the first time or the first time you were ever on a plane but you never find the urge to remember the day you bought your first Iphone because you know you probably had it changed a while later.

The moments where you feel most alive and the memories you make that never leave your memory, to me this is the kind of things you should be spending money on. And I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy yourself a new phone or computer when you need to but I am saying that when there is a time that you need to choose one over the other think of the long run. And think of the type of decisions you would like to remember when you’re 60. Think of the euphoria you would like to have marked in your memory.  

All I am saying is, when you save some money do not just take a decision to buy a single item when you could spend it on enjoying moments that would last a lifetime.


Having dealt with anxiety for almost six years I am well aware of how one’s anxiety could prevent them from so many experiences they would rather go through. Whether it is general anxiety or diagnosed, one would rather avoid being in situations where they’re uncomfortable, uncertain or not in control and among this long list travel gets itself all the way to the top!


Travel could be overwhelming for those of us who suffer from anxiety for so many reasons especially the uncertainty and being far away from what is familiar and comfortable. However, it could be a very fulfilling experience when you manage to go through a trip that you would’ve missed because of being too anxious. Going on different trips helped me with my anxiety and this is how it can help you:


You get to push yourself a bit further.

Being an anxious person forces you sometimes to stick to what you know best. It denies you the fun of exploring and getting to find out more about the world than what you know – the side of the story you never get to hear. Going on all the trips you’ve been putting on hold actually shows you how far you’re capable of. No one can deny that the anxiousness you feel the night before the flight or those moments when you’re feeling the fear creeping in are not your best moments. But you can’t deny either that the moment you step out of the airport into a new city like you’ve gone through a time machine taking you to a different world is too satisfying to skip. Or even going on a trip and coming back realizing you’ve done it, the beauty of the moment is sometimes a cure to your anxiety as well. We’ve all got our limitations but we sometimes need to stretch them a bit further.




You get to realize something’s are not as bad as you believe them to be.

When you’re anxious you always expect the worst, anticipate it and wait for it to happen. While in fact things could go as planned, perhaps even better. And showing yourself that through executing a perfectly planned trip would only act as a proof that the worst is only an exception if it happens. You should never deal with yourself or your anxiety as an enemy that denies you from living a dream like traveling, you should embrace it in a way that allows you to train your thoughts to change and adapt to what is better for you.


It gives you the change that eliminates some causes of your anxiety.

Many of us get extremely anxious for different reasons and sources of stress that causes our stomachs to tumble and mind get too hazy. Having something to look forward to – like a trip with your best friends or family could allow you to eliminate stressing over other problems. And when you actually go on the trip, you are out of your element – especially the elemt that get to you!


It may not be the southernmost point of Africa – that honour goes to Cape Agulhas – but Cape Point certainly makes you feel as if you are standing at the edge of the world.

It’s worth setting aside a whole day – or at least a large chunk of it – to visit the Cape Point Nature Reserve. While they tend to hog all the glory, the two peaks at the tip of the peninsula, Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, form just a small part of the 7750-hectare reserve. This largely untouched stretch of land is home to buck, baboons, Cape Mountain Zebra, and a whopping 250 species of bird! Plus, you’ll find some of the most beautiful, unspoilt beaches along this stretch of Cape Town’s coast.

Of course, if you are visiting the Cape Point Nature Reserve, you have to take in the view from at least one of the peaks. Cape Point has been feared and respected by sailors since Bartolomeu Dias first rounded the Cape – which he dubbed the Cape of Storms – in 1488. The 26 recorded shipwrecks around Cape Point are testament to the perils that await those who attempt to navigate the treacherous waters, particularly at night.

One such ship was the Flying Dutchman, which was captained by Hendrik van der Decken. Legend has it that Van der Decken – headed home to Holland from Batavia – insisted on rounding the point in stormy conditions despite the pleas of his crew. He went so far as to lash himself to the wheel and – according to a more far-fetched version – accidentally shoot an angel who appeared on deck, thus cursing the crew to an eternity lost at sea. Over the centuries, many have sworn that they have seen the ghostly ship out at sea.

These days, you can catch the Flying Dutchman Funicular – the only funicular of its kind in Africa – from the lower station near the car park up to the old lighthouse on the highest section of the Cape Point peak. The three-minute journey saves you a quad-killing climb! The old lighthouse, which was built in 1859, is currently used as a centralised monitoring point for all the lighthouses on the coast of South Africa. The height at which the old lighthouse was built – 249 metres above sea level – actually turned out to be a disadvantage because the lighthouse became ineffective in very misty conditions. Because of this, a second lighthouse – the most powerful in South Africa – was built 87 meters above sea level in 1914.

From the top of Cape Point, you can see both peninsula coastlines – Atlantic and False Bay – and a seemingly un-ending expanse of ocean. However, if you are hoping to see a line where the Benguela and Agulhas currents collide, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This meeting point actually fluctuates somewhere between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas, and there is no distinctive line.  For a selfie next to the sign that reads ‘Most South-Western Point of the African Continent’, you’ll have to take the 45-minute hike along the cliff to the Cape of Good Hope.

The reserve offers up a number of hikes through the fynbos and along the coastline. On the Atlantic side, you’ll find a lot of flat beach walking, and on the False Bay side, routes along the cliff-tops, where you are more likely to encounter bigger game. For information about the different trails, pop in to the Buffelsfontein Visitors’ Centre and pick up a brochure.

There are a number of pristine beaches worth visiting, but be cautious about swimming in the ocean as the area is known for its strong and unpredictable currents. Dias Beach, which you can see stretching out below you from the cliffs of Cape Point, requires a little effort (20 minutes down and another 40 back up), but is well worth it. If you have the necessary permits, the secluded Maclear Beach, is great for fishing and diving, and Buffels Beach boasts tidal pools and braai spots.

If you find yourself without a packed lunch, the Two Oceans Restaurant, which has spectacular views from its wooden deck, offers up delectable seafood and sushi. There are also curio shops for those looking to take home more than memories.

On a practical note, it is worth mentioning that you’ll have to pay a conservation fee to get into the reserve. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes, and take along a warm top – even if it is a hot day – because the wind (and there is almost always wind) at the top of Cape Point can be icy!