How travel changes you, at least how it should


As humans, we are so good at making plans, resolutions, and dreams. Most of us are on a constant –sometimes eternal- voyage to find purpose, to excel and to set our priorities straight. But have you ever wondered why travel is always listed among those bucket, resolutions and dream lists? Have you ever wondered why are we all overwhelmed with an urge to travel?

Personally, I do not think it is just about the exploration. I believe we were inherently created to search and to find out what is beyond our surrounding. No one has ever developed capabilities, skills, and inspirations without movement whether physical or mental.


The effect of traveling is a bit more than just experiencing something new or different. I believe through traveling you develop into a better and more compassionate human being. Through traveling you get to see the world from different perspectives and understand that different people have their priorities in an order and in ways you have never imagined. When you go out of what you know, what you are comfortable with and what is extremely relevant you get to appreciate what you have and grow an understanding to what others do, think and live.


You learn so much about the world, but you also learn so much about yourself and the person you would like


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